The solution is the problem

The greatest obstacle in the growth of a martial artist is when they seek a solution instead of negating the problem.

If we block an attack, we become a part of that equation and deal on the terms of that engagement. When we MOVE from our own will, instead of TWITCH in a action that is triggered out of but a part of us (fear, lack of knowledge and the like)  and not the whole; We are passive in our own lives. When we make choices and act, we create our lives instead of being lead as ship to the slaughter of our souls.

The idea is that we can accept everything from evil to good, from hard to soft without resistance but with action. Resistance is re-action and it forces us to answer a question instead of following our own mind and our own heart.

Try to act instead of react in small and big things alike. Through daily actions we can gain more and more freedom instead of speed of reaction. Reaction is a choice we make so it may seem as freedom but it is the sound of the drum and not the actions of the drummer.

Only when you let go of control of the other, will you gain awareness and thus control over yourself.

Please, do not simply believe me.

Ask questions, check things out for yourself and know.

Your freedom and true quality lies within this.

Throwing pebbles to the cosmos

Some days you truly have no time to train. Some days are hard to bare. In those days, we must bounce a pebble over the waters and hijack a moment here and there to bring ourselves in so we may do what is needed outward.

  1. You are taking a leak >>> rise to your toes and play with your balance.
  2. You are walking in the mud  >>> Release your hips to move your legs together instead of hobbling from one to the other.
  3. You are being told off by a creature of bureaucracy >>> Exhale the thoughts of mayhem and find a way to strive on with honesty.
  4. You are torn apart by too many a task >>> Let go and do one thing at a time. Happiness lies in purpose, not in a timeline.
  5. You are at a dead end >>> Hone the tools you do have and build a bridge.
  6. You are not attractive to yourself >>> Be consistent in your movement and in the movement of items past your teeth.
  7. You are pressured to lie to keep a position you don’t want >>> Tell yourself the truth and make at least one step toward it each day.
  8. You have an injury >>> Move around it but also do something with the injury every day. Even thinking about moving a broken leg stimulates the pathways that fire the movement.
  9. You are hitting the same barrier each time >>> Find a way to climb your own barbed wire by changing the way you address the problem. Even a bad man in your path will carry a lesson for you.
  10. You don’t have what it takes >>> Make a change in your personal tasking and let go of what is not vital. Work smart to change what you move with your strength both mind and body. Ease the pressure by setting a path and walking it. You can walk up the mountain.
  11. You are not getting what you deserve  >>>    You deserve nothing. Speak your mind, work smart, earn yourself every day again.

Make purpose your day.

Ten EDC “items” that keep you safe

Here are ten EDC “items” you may not consider tactical but are of outmost importance.

  1. A trusted friend or family member – Even John Wayne went to war with an army. Team work can beat almost anything.
  2. A good pet – Cats and dogs can be a great warning/warming/hunting pal that you do not have to worry about their loyalty. (Don’t look down at cats. They will take the rat crap from your food along with the cat).
  3. Pen and paper – computers and mobiles are great but demand electricity and are hard to leave behind as notes and tinder.
  4. Wipes and alchoholic wipes – They may not be tactical blood clot magic but they keep your behind clean and help in avoiding diaria and infections that incapacitate you in the wrong time and place.
  5. A good belt – A good belt will do more than keep your pants in the right altitude. They subsitute for pulley and rope and much much more.
  6. A Handkerchief – wiping your face and not on your three piece suit makes the ladies extra happy and it can cut dust from your lungs, protect from wind and sun and much much more.
  7. A Small pocket knife – While a nice Randall made knife is nice to have, A small pocket knife will do wonders for daily fixups and convinience. (take a metal ruler if you are flying and need a package opener in the air)
  8. A good cap – A good cap according to your area and trade will keep you healthy in the cold and heat. It will keep your face from aging before you develop a personality and help in taking the kettle of the fireplace when the brew is ready.
  9. A cord /rope – You can tie stuff with a bandana or belt but having a bit of cord (It does not have to be 550 to work and technora works much better) will do a lot of good and keep you from loosing sfuff in airports and on the trail.
  10. A small roll of duct tape – A great peice of gear to keep those notes you left from flying out the window and to keep things together and stop small leaks. Legend tells it that you can build a house from it.

Get good friends, Get a pet and train it, keep the basics about and invest in quality skill building. Be the guy you want near in a bad situation 🙂

Violence is not evil

If you put the mask of the devil on violence, you are cutting your own legs from under you. Violence or in other less marred words intent focused action, is what keeps us alive and allows the rest of the chain to hold on. It is as important that one asserts their place in life and their mobility as any other part of the whole. One cannot eat the meat or write a poem without the safety violence provides.

The pen is mightier than the sword. It is proven by the victims and history governments create which far supersede anything any other group is responsible for. The second place award in that field would go to nature itself which really begs the question. How have we survived so far J

This is why ideas are so sharp in penetration. Be keen to notice the spread and influence of ideas and stand in force for what and who you believe in. The true evil feeds on silence most of all, for in that silence, the one voice of corruption and deceit will poison the entire stream.

Shakespeare wrote:

” What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet,.”

Now, let me tell you what can erode this creation as the water erodes the rock itself. Small things. It is the small everyday things that grab our awareness and attention. It is the small things that mislead us into chasing things outside of ourselves and deliver us a slow death by omission over a wasted lifetime. Avoid being liked by many. Be loved by a few.


Live your life and do something you care about.

The small stuff can wait.

For Gideon.


Three year old children don’t need to learn about war ? I disagree. Children who are in a world that is always new and challenging,  a world where they are usually weak and lack in body and mind toward the competition they need to study war.

They just need a better approach than adults to it.

War games are the best for children and society is trying to kill those because it does not fit the illusion of childhood and the illusion of society itself.

Games need to be competitive. Games need to have stakes. Otherwise you are teaching a neutered version of reality and harming children. You will also not have the true fun and growth reality brings.

Games need to be as free from adult meddling as possible. There are games with adults and some of those are great but I am aiming at an adult controlled environment which kills the game and makes them into some play. Toothless, pointless, harmful to all.

Now to the fun part:

  1. Hide and seek – Self-explanatory. (camouflage and proper cover and concealment)
  2. Collecting/building contests – who finds the first ten trucks during a ride on the bus. Which team can pitch the tent or pillow fort first. (build your future sniper)
  3. Sneaking – See who can sneak and spook better and have a good laugh (learn to move quietly)
  4. Fighting a giant – A group tries to topple or push a bigger kid or adult (team work and good fun body work)
  5. Flags – Each team tries to protect their own flag and take the other teams flag (maneuver warfare)
  6. Obstacle courses – You don’t need a real obstacle course, Just a working imagination. Go over and under cars (parked ones unless you have some Kryptonian genes), balance over poles and handrails. Make stuff up. Lots of adults get paid for it J
  7. Watch tower – One kid stands apart from the group and the others are in a line. He turns away and counts aloud to three and turns to them. As he turns, they must freeze and if he catches one moving, than they have to switch roles. If you can reach the counter without being spotted moving then you are good. (good movement and field of sight awareness)
  8. Snake – take a jump rope or stick and move it in circles around you as the others try to touch you without being touched by the stick. (Please note that these games have no bravado. You win by not losing )
  9. One legged push fight – Two or more stand on one foot and fold their arms on their chests. Now you jump and push with the body to make the other side fall or push them outside a decided line.
  10. Tug of war – self-explanatory two sides hold onto a rope and you win by pulling better, faster, in jerks. You do what you can to not go over that line and you get to repeat that so you can become better. (This teaches everyone that it is not just power and linier that wins the field)
  11. Mirror – Two or more sides to this prism. You mimic the movements of the chosen one TM and it is a game of creating expectations and repetition to lull and induct movement without actually doing it.

Let them argue and find a solution sometimes.

Let them say no and follow through.

Let them create themselves as adults, step by step.

Take games seriously. Give your kid a heads up on life.

Nine books to read before the storm

There is knowledge that is good for an instance and there is awareness and ability that makes an instance.

  1. The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success This book glimpses on thought process in a different and goal oriented way. It will be beneficial to know and sometimes practice the approach within these pages.
  2. The Quiet Professional   This book glimpses into the working soldier world and how to navigate it. It has both guidelines and hints on what matters and how to get there and stay on the wave.
  3. Predictably Irrational  This book glimpses into the irrational from a wide perspective. It helps uncover dead zones in our decision making processes.
  4. The Power of Myth This book glimpses into the world of myth and how it affects our relations with ourselves and the world. It helps uncover the back of the brain and helps in making clearer choices in the large scale.
  5. Five Years to Freedom This book glimpses into the mind of a captive in body but not in soul. It gives you the inner world which can be your own.
  6. Maps of Meaning This book delves into the meaning of what and why we are and do. It helps in finding lost selves and reaching the goals that hide in plain sight.
  7. Escape the Wolf This book glimpses into the travelers mind. It helps to note differences in culture, customs and people we tend to overlook and helps in developing a higher base of tuning into the current situation.
  8. Left of Bang This book glimpses into the scale of importance in quick decision making. It helps in finding the loops and arches in developing situations.
  9. Never Let Go This book deals with the mundane body work of a working individual but also glimpses into the inner negotiations we work ourselves into and helps in making better choices overall.


Question kit for the day after

Gear is good. Knowledge is better. A frame of mind is both.

  1. Who am I ? Do you define by history ? training ? belonging to a tribe or culture ? Perhaps values 🙂
  2. What do I not see ? A shadow can be cast by many things and nothing at all. Questioning the projection of our knowledge can unmask many things.
  3. What is important ? Do you make decision by your values, by your loved ones benefit ? Is there a permanence in your world ?
  4. How far can I go ? There is the regular or known realm of what we can do and how.  Can we forget  the rules we draw and the reality we have for another ? What are we then ?
  5. What is enough ? How many times a week do we need to eat ? Does our child need more than one shirt ? How far can we be pushed before we push back or move sideways. Not everything is logical or linear.

Staying safe is work. Being the process is existence. Choose the energy cost option.

Notes from class: Horizons

We walk and look in lines as we are taught. We naturally walk and see in arches and the hold the horizon and gravity has on us amounts to a great lever on our movement.

Here are a series of plays to release the hold we manifest from our perception of the horizon and gravity. Let yourself move. Movement is the cure.

1. Stand a comfortable distance from each other and throw a short stick between yourselves. You can receive and send the stick only by moving from the trajectory and pressing the stick to your body with a limb or two. You cannot use your hands and thus you are freed to bend twist and move continuously. Less is more in many cases.
2. Lie down and have a partner stand over you.  Have them stomp on you or press the end of a stick to your body as you repeat the movement from the previous play.
3. Have your partner strike you twice with his upper limbs. Move along the arches of their movement and use your initial movement to press their limb to your body and keep moving.
4. Add a lower limb strike to the previous play and now pay attention to your feet. Allow your mass to move from the front to the back of the foot and from side to side. Let the contact slide on you by the quality of your body awareness. All technique is, is a key to one door. Be the key maker.
5. Add a hold to the beginning of the previous play. Moving from a hold is many times a matter of inner levers.  If a rope is held in one point and twisted, It will move in the air and stay untwisted.  We must release the hold of the earth and move with our spine and heart free from resistance. Acceptance is freedom.

Acceptance is not giving up though. It is participating in the great game instead of trying to cheat in the moment.


Choose wisely

We are raised with a set of beliefs we are supposed to operate by and thus succeed in being a part of current society and maintain the status qua. Let’s ask a few questions and see where that leads us as people  instead of cogs in the grand machine.

  1. There is a beginning and an end. There are moves and closed loops of thought and action.  – The questions – is there truly anything that is not partly born from the moment prior ? Is there any process that does not affect and change the people going though it and thus creating a new loop of thought and action ?
  2. I am right, therefor you are wrong. – The question – Is an object the same from all angles ? Can a truth be universal or can more than one way lead to the goal and can more than one key/movement/frame of mind work ?
  3. We add one and one and we get two. Question – The paper is one thing and the world is another. Math being pure, lures us into a math state of mind and we may forget we have limited awareness of the outside as well as the inside and that one and one can result in a reaction as well as a reduction and so on. How much does a math state of mind, count  (pun intended) in real life ?