Ten EDC “items” that keep you safe

Here are ten EDC “items” you may not consider tactical but are of outmost importance.

  1. A trusted friend or family member – Even John Wayne went to war with an army. Team work can beat almost anything.
  2. A good pet – Cats and dogs can be a great warning/warming/hunting pal that you do not have to worry about their loyalty. (Don’t look down at cats. They will take the rat crap from your food along with the cat).
  3. Pen and paper – computers and mobiles are great but demand electricity and are hard to leave behind as notes and tinder.
  4. Wipes and alchoholic wipes – They may not be tactical blood clot magic but they keep your behind clean and help in avoiding diaria and infections that incapacitate you in the wrong time and place.
  5. A good belt – A good belt will do more than keep your pants in the right altitude. They subsitute for pulley and rope and much much more.
  6. A Handkerchief – wiping your face and not on your three piece suit makes the ladies extra happy and it can cut dust from your lungs, protect from wind and sun and much much more.
  7. A Small pocket knife – While a nice Randall made knife is nice to have, A small pocket knife will do wonders for daily fixups and convinience. (take a metal ruler if you are flying and need a package opener in the air)
  8. A good cap – A good cap according to your area and trade will keep you healthy in the cold and heat. It will keep your face from aging before you develop a personality and help in taking the kettle of the fireplace when the brew is ready.
  9. A cord /rope – You can tie stuff with a bandana or belt but having a bit of cord (It does not have to be 550 to work and technora works much better) will do a lot of good and keep you from loosing sfuff in airports and on the trail.
  10. A small roll of duct tape – A great peice of gear to keep those notes you left from flying out the window and to keep things together and stop small leaks. Legend tells it that you can build a house from it.

Get good friends, Get a pet and train it, keep the basics about and invest in quality skill building. Be the guy you want near in a bad situation 🙂

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)