Notes from class: Horizons

We walk and look in lines as we are taught. We naturally walk and see in arches and the hold the horizon and gravity has on us amounts to a great lever on our movement.

Here are a series of plays to release the hold we manifest from our perception of the horizon and gravity. Let yourself move. Movement is the cure.

1. Stand a comfortable distance from each other and throw a short stick between yourselves. You can receive and send the stick only by moving from the trajectory and pressing the stick to your body with a limb or two. You cannot use your hands and thus you are freed to bend twist and move continuously. Less is more in many cases.
2. Lie down and have a partner stand over you.  Have them stomp on you or press the end of a stick to your body as you repeat the movement from the previous play.
3. Have your partner strike you twice with his upper limbs. Move along the arches of their movement and use your initial movement to press their limb to your body and keep moving.
4. Add a lower limb strike to the previous play and now pay attention to your feet. Allow your mass to move from the front to the back of the foot and from side to side. Let the contact slide on you by the quality of your body awareness. All technique is, is a key to one door. Be the key maker.
5. Add a hold to the beginning of the previous play. Moving from a hold is many times a matter of inner levers.  If a rope is held in one point and twisted, It will move in the air and stay untwisted.  We must release the hold of the earth and move with our spine and heart free from resistance. Acceptance is freedom.

Acceptance is not giving up though. It is participating in the great game instead of trying to cheat in the moment.


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