Center ?

In many ways we learn to walk straight to bend with your torso upright and so on. Some arts teach you to move from the center line which is the line from the chin to your groin but rarely the true center is discussed or harnessed. Start working any drill with pairs wrestling hitting or… Read More Center ?

Sit in your deepest squat and slowly rise to balance on the toes and ball of the feet. Do this with your breathing and with your arms hanging at your sides so if you lean and change your alignment it will tell you so swiftly. Do this a few times back and forth slowly to teach your body to relax more as you shift your point of support and work to keep yourself moving with the breathing and aligned so you move without pushing yourself despite your body ressistance. If you learn from the start to be aware of your tension you will be moving better and feeling better.

The same can be done by moving to the heels and to the sides.
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Stand on one leg and slowly bend forward and relax your spine and head. now slowly raise your air leg as high as you can and tense up to 50% and relax a few times (this is to create and control the fear of falling). Now rise and repeat this for the other leg and do this to the sides and to the back. Mind the position of your arms as you go near the point of no return and do this a few times so you can realize where you go when you tense up and where you go when you relax. Mind where your eyes are looking when you move and where they rest when you relax in the down end of the pendulum and note that the eyes usually direct the heading of the body either directly or in reverse. So if you want to roll over one shoulder you can look forward and than turn the head or look under the opposite shoulder for the body to align it self naturally for your intention.

Relax the face and remember to keep breathing.
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Have a partner come at you to wrap his arms around you. Move your body away and place your fist on his neck and allow it to move your arm so it just rests there until he moves away. This stage is to teach you to not tense up and collide and to escape as a priority. Next do the same but let the fist sink in, in order to unbalance your partner and make sure you do not stop moving and keep looking around. Do the same on the hips and shoulders and remember that when you don’t succeed you can still learn from what happened and keep moving.
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