10 Ways to make evert minute matter

We have many minutes to hours a day where we are on our way to work, waiting for something or doing general maintenance.

Let us make at least some of those minutes count:

1. Squat but do not sit when you go to the toilet. Make your connective tissue stronger and your bowels as well. Make sure your knees and feet point in the same direction to avoid undue strain.

2. Balance on our toes as you urinate, Works your balance and your ankle solidity as well.

3. Balance on the heels of the feet as you brush your teeth. Keeps you from having stress fractures by keeping the power balanced in the shins and gives you better balance control.

4. Before you go to bed, Lean from your hips forward and relax the neck muscles for 60 breaths. This will ease much tension from your spine you did not know exist.

5. Before you leave your bed, lift your legs us and hold onto your toes with your hands. Arch your back up and allow your spine to align before you place your mass on it.

6. Before you start eating, take a slow long inhale through the nose to let the body smell and know what is coming and you will digest and harvest more from the meal.

7. Once an hour, Slowly raise your shoulders and exhale as you release excess tension from them.

8. When you have a thought you do not feel well with, Exhale with some sharpness and shake your body. It helps in clearing mental tension from taking roots in the body.

9. When cold, Breathe in and out through your nose to keep the air in the lungs warmer.

10. After a hard effort, Listen to your heart beat and allow it to sync with your breath. Your recovery will be swifter and easier without taking your mind of what is happening.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)