To me defiance stands for personal freedom. Freedom of thought and action.

An attacker wants me to be either frozen and static or responsive in the manner of his or her choosing.  I choose to do it my way.

Drills to carve this ability out of the soup of response based conditioning.

  1. Have your partner attack you in some way. Your mission should you choose to accept it J is to avoid reacting in any way to his attack and do these two things:
    • Keep breathing in a pace that is comfortable to you.
    • Move to attack him/her without any response to his attack.


Johnny swings his club to hit you in the top of the head. You do not block or move away and instead step sideways and place your foot on his as you relax forward.

Heather tries to choke you from behind with a shoe string. (Tread carefully) . You do not try to stop her hands or hold onto the string and instead place two fingers on her eyes and gather her lashes.

  1. During a conversation with your partner say something offensive to you and you choose to avoid treating it as personal or influential. Instead simply note the information and continue to talk without giving in to the hook.


Johnny says “Everyone who is not stupid know the movie True Lies is based on actual events” You note his point and way of stating it and avoid consider it a sly if you do not agree to this statement and at the same time maintain your frame of thought and direction.

Keep breathing and see far.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)