Twisted mobility

Here are three mobility movements for the shoulders, spine and hips. All involve moving two patterns of movement together to create human movement. We are more than one tool playing in the dark. Shoulder mobility comes to release held tension and fixation in the shoulder and upper spine. Spine mobility comes to release rigidity of… Read More Twisted mobility


Testing brings us to defining ourselves by our measurements. How fast you are. How strong you are and how well you perform in the tests you chose to do. The problem lies in defining ourselves by our measurements. Are you your pull up test score or your ability in a ruled test with practice blades… Read More Quality


To me defiance stands for personal freedom. Freedom of thought and action. An attacker wants me to be either frozen and static or responsive in the manner of his or her choosing.  I choose to do it my way. Drills to carve this ability out of the soup of response based conditioning. Have your partner… Read More Defiance