The trident of martial art awareness

Ask yourself why you train and for what ?

Do you train for an event or do you train for life ?

The trident of martial art awareness comes in the simple timeline. There is a before, during and after to a fight. Three prongs as military educators love to indoctrinate 🙂 I ask you to think of nature and the nature of separation. We live in society and die in society. There is no existence aside from it and if you remove yourself from it, then you carry it with you. The same goes for the barriers we place between events such as I go out, I get into a fight, I survive, I cry in the shower when no one is looking or someone cries over me…

All events and ourselves are connected and intertwined. The same way the wolf does not exist without the leaves the pray eats, the same goes for us and our awareness, state of mind and body we carry along the adventure.

An art that ignores the whole picture and lets you focus on just one unnaturally divided part of the whole is doing you a disservice. Be aware of the connected moments that make your life. Learn to live and be in each connected moment. Otherwise, like a character in a Lewis Carrol novel, you will be running just to stay in the same place.

Life is one whole piece that takes a lifetime to digest. Keep breathing, keep noticing and build each moment both anew and connected to the ones coming and the ones that are in your memories.


Have a partner swing a stick or his fist at you. Focus unnaturally on his fist or the end of the stick and move to keep your comfort and facial structure in tact.

Remove the fixation and allow yourself to note both the middle of the stick and the elbow in the work.

Remove even more and allow yourself to see the shoulder movement and the held stick.

Be free and note how your eyes and senses create part of the picture unfolding in front of you. Freedom comes from removal of self imposed limitations. Return to being part of the movement instead of swimming upstream.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)