Twisted mobility

Here are three mobility movements for the shoulders, spine and hips. All involve moving two patterns of movement together to create human movement. We are more than one tool playing in the dark. Shoulder mobility comes to release held tension and fixation in the shoulder and upper spine. Spine mobility comes to release rigidity of… Read More Twisted mobility

So you want to reach out and touch someone ? What happens if he or she is not in agreement with you ? What if they are doing something about it other than not being there ? Start with a partner sitting on his behind and you sitting an arm length from him. Have him… Read More

Take a stand

I prefer to work barefoot or with light moccasins. Others depend on their Crocks in the farm for irrigation and quick cleaning and the list goes on and on. Do your regular work with different footwear than what you have in mind and see how you can roll and turn and squat with dancing shoes… Read More Take a stand