Take a stand

I prefer to work barefoot or with light moccasins. Others depend on their Crocks in the farm for irrigation and quick cleaning and the list goes on and on. Do your regular work with different footwear than what you have in mind and see how you can roll and turn and squat with dancing shoes or with steel toed boots. Work on pushing each other lightly on a flight of stairs and do the basic drill of sitting down and getting up with your rifle on a moving target (or simply use a laser pointer on a cat…) in different footwear.
Have your partner lie on the ground and stand on his stomach. Have him escape your mass by moving starting with the free points and advance to standing a few on one and in different positions (kicking is optional but very motivating) point your gun or pointer at a silent target while standing on your partner and have him move first by just breathing and than moving about as he or she wishes. Your job is to let the moving ground under you manifest just in that area and to keep a relaxed and mobile upper body and also stay on target. Advance to having a partner throw balls at you as you are held by one leg and levered to stay put. This will allow you to learn to keep local tension local and to correspond with your handler to avoid giving him your movement in advance. In short standing and moving on a partner will help you both clean out excess movement and to learn to move each part freely from the other.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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