Just one breath

It is important to work on all facets of the person at the same time when you train so they will all be present in daily life and when the rockets start to fall. The best way to do this is to confine both ends of how we perceive ourselves to the same time.
Start by standing or laying prone on the ground and breathing smoothly. Exhale slowly and continuously until you have nothing left and then hold and tense and relax parts of you until your body starts to move out the accumulated tension on its own with shaking and more.
Repeat the drill with smoothly inhaling until you are full and then holding and tensing and relaxing for a while and note the differences in how your body works naturally to take out the tension on its own.
Now that you went to the two ends simply hold your breath when you are at a comfortable position and repeat the drill. Know that you are working well when you feel comfortable. If you are working under stress that is not intentional such as in the static push up you are not paying attention and if you are working with a partner and your movement feels uncomfortable or painful you are already injured if you are working at high speed.
Now bring your legs overhead and in this position repeat the three drills and then bridge up and again repeat the drills to learn how your body is working to end this inner conflict and stay healthy under tension. Once you do all this you can work with a partner to wrestle lightly and with your aim in this drill to stay within your comfort zone and to keep breathing smoothly. The aim of the drill is to help you clean out excess tension and unneeded movement in a way that promoted health and calm.
Once you have done these drills on your own and with a partner (remember to be free in your thought as well. It can be play wrestling with your child or a game of pass with a ball) continue to do the work using the inhale to end, exhale to end and pause on comfort to end with simple movement drills. Start with the four basics of pushups, sit ups, leg raises and squats that allow you to learn how to guide your breath in movement and then add simple movement such as sitting down and getting up, walking and so on.
It is very tempting to go straight to survival drills that depict simulations of violence but it is harmful to work this way all the time. When you come with all your stored tension and unaware movement to the drill you think you are doing well when in fact you are just pressing the tension further down your throat. When you focus on the goal in life rather than in on specific event you will gain much more in all cases.
Now take a stick with slightly pointy edges and as one works on the three breath cleaning drills you poke and push/pull them and they simply move to stay comfortable. Remember that acting out of fear is reacting and it is the act of allowing the outside to control you.
The stick person works on moving without relying too much on the stick and on paying attention to where the tension is in your partner so you can work better and help your partner clean his or her movement better.
Change roles and remind your partner to avoid giving control to others with his eyes by working from all heights and directions (legs from the back, throat from the side, between the legs and to the side at the same time and more) and remember most attacks do not come from the front and most attackers show their perceived weapon for intimidation before the actual hit and not just for their ego boasting.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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