Crowd Knife work

Here are ten knife drills to do in a group: Place a knife on your body without your partners seeing (blade on body is not advised) and walk calmly. Have your partners work to bump and touch you while walking in a casual manner and find out where the knife is. You work is to… Read More Crowd Knife work

Nine inch nail

People who have never been attacked seriously tend to play as if marking strikes joint torque or the pressure of a dummy knife is not really there in practice and worse they tense up and resist tension causing themselves to be controlled and causing injury. Take on long nail and introduce it to the group.… Read More Nine inch nail

That Distance

People have notion from dishonest practice about their abilities that can prove fetal. Working in high speed on a low speed simulated attack or working hard against a complaint partner results in allusions of abilities that do not match what will happen if someone does not play by your rules. Have a partner with an… Read More That Distance