The strong and the sword

We hold the sword and some feel powerful, some feel protected and others feel one part of them overriding the others as they done a mask of how they see a sword wielder.

Technically the blade or tip are a simple power focus device. A regular arm movement by a regular person is focused into a very small surface and thus the cutting/penetration is done. Consider please that a small change in power output from a regular person to a strong man will not affect the power output of the blade much. Learning to be attentive and to move the blade well will result in a much greater result with less energy placed into the system.

Here comes the rub. You learn technique and it is like a sword for you. You are shielded by it and you become a technique wielder mask wearer. You hold a blade and you feel strong but you are still just a person with a blade. The moment it is gone from your mind or hand, you revert to a former less able self.

Find your joy not in technique or tools but in exploration. Find your home within your self and not in a set of uniform or club membership you pay for. Find your freedom within your awareness.

Nothing more is needed. No tools. No approval from anyone. Just the joy of movement and attentiveness.


1 Place a hand on the wall at shoulder height and have a partner push and pull on you in the same way ten times. Find ten different movements to move with them so you do not have to move your hand from the wall.

2 Start going up and down from standing to laying on the ground continuously. Have a partner place a stick in your way both up and down and find different ways to continue to move without fighting what is in your way.

3 Take a blade from a sword to a kitchen knife and work to avoid letting a partner from touching it (Working slow in this drill will help you count to ten on your fingers at a later age :))

Keep safe and keep breathing.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)