Same eyes different view

Our names define us. Our history define us and the roles we play every day define us.

we can remove these masks that we wear without knowing by shifting our points of view of the world and most importantly by shifting how we think and use ourselves.

Here are three drills of three variations:

1 How we view the World.

2 How we view people.

3 How we view ourselves.


Walk in nature or in the street and note different movements. Bees, Trees in the wind, frogs and people hopping along :). Think actively how you can be of service to them and how you can move with them instead of causing them to do your bidding. (For example: Plant a Hibiscus bush near your house so the bee honey will be more nourishing for them and for you if you have them in your location. Another example: Notice the changes of the weather over time. Find how they receive responses from the animal and plant life around you. Watch the flow of energy and see how you can get what you need and give from yourself without losing anything.)


Take two or more partners and have them try to walk through you as you avoid their contact with walking running and rolling. Perform this drill with speed and intention until you feel the animal side of you awaken to the chase. Continue with a slight shift in perception. A different goal. Now instead of avoiding or placing yourself in relation to others, give yourself the goal of touching their backs with your shoulder or forearm. A simple shift can change how the same movement is received and affects. It can remove fear and replace it with joy of movement.


Place yourself on fists and feet. Move with your limbs as you always have till you feel work has been done. Consider how you will be able to walk a few miles in this form and in this manner. Relax slightly all limbs so they do not tense against the ground. Move your body in a swimming motion from side to side and forward and back, Shifting the mass around lightly and from there start to move your limbs from the body, Never tensing against the contact but relaxing and guiding just yourself over the earth and not stuck on it. Smile. It helps.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)