Crowd Knife work

Here are ten knife drills to do in a group:

  1. Place a knife on your body without your partners seeing (blade on body is not advised) and walk calmly. Have your partners work to bump and touch you while walking in a casual manner and find out where the knife is. You work is to avoid the contact and to avoid showing in your movement where you placed the blade.
  2. Place a knife on your body and start walking in a crowd of your partners. Work to extract the knife with your hands and arms without showing it and the partners work to signal when they see the extraction. Switch roles regularly and remember the face is a signal map for the entire body. Breathe continuously and without excess.
  3. Hold the knife at your side and stand facing one direction. Have your partners walk by you and brush you. From time to time a partner will try to get a hold of your blade and hand and your work is to avoid getting tense and moving from your breath and body to avoid getting caught. Relaxing your mind and body helps in avoiding being a pin cushion.
  4. Place a knife on a table or on the ground and have everyone walk freely. At any time, one or more can go for the knife and everyone has to choose how to act and who to align with if any 🙂
  5. Walk with the covered knife in your hand extended away from you. Have people try to impale themselves on the knife and your work is to avoid cutting and stabbing anyone. Being able to cut the right  rope and not another is surgery. Cutting at random is a waste of energy and resources and nature does not waste.
  6. Place two or more knives within the group and have everyone lie down. Start rolling about freely and at any point start stabbing and move from where you were. Avoid being vertical as a default and see how it can be helpful at times.
  7. Start walking and talking freely as a group (if you don’t have something to talk about, just play a word game) and have two partners work to move the knife from one another without notice. The person who sees and notes the exchange first becomes the next partner.
  8. Divide into two groups with only one group with knives. See how you can manage as a group with the knife factor and how your opposition can be of aid when directed properly.
  9. Close your eyes and have a partner guide you along. Work on exhaling tension and building expectation and as someone starts stabbing and cutting you or if you feel something that you want to act on, Open your eyes and move. One of the main reasons people react instead of act is that they do not act to release themselves of excess tension and thought.
  10. walk in pairs with one partner with a knife and the other without. Have the pairs contact each other and work on how to maximize the pairing so all the hands and abilities come into play. The empty hand exist only in the mind.

Be safe in your work. The soldier who works to oblivion looses before he reaches the battlefield.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)