Strikes 101

Blunt impact comes in many forms. Preparing to give and receive impact can greatly clear the fog of imaginary outcome and grow your awareness to your thoughts, feelings and your physical body. Practice these methods of movement with consistency and attention and you will feel progress in your impact. Solo work: Rest your arms on… Read More Strikes 101

There is a thing called mass and usually as a soldier you think you have a bit too much on you. It can range from a 20 litter load of water to a 120 kg of a leaking friend and more. It is important to note how different locations on your body changes the way you feel and move with it. Fore example if you are walking with boots in the mud you will fee a lot of tension in the hips pulling you out and moving all the extra mass on your boots and if you had the same mass on your back you would feel much lighter and able to move. Consider this idea and play with it in your work to make life less stressful and free. Consider also the workability of the situation. Sometimes we need the handgun on the hip rather than on the pack or chest.
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This is a drill for three or more. Have two stand next to each other and the third walk toward them to attack one of them. The one who feels the attach coming moves to stand behind his friend and the attacker tries to attack anyway. Find different ways to lower the tension and stop the fight.


1. Push the partner on the attacker and run away.
2. Grab the arms of the attacker and wrap him around the third one
3. Collapse the non attacked and move so you are behind him so you have a few more seconds to think and act
4. push the non attacked so he hits the attacker (Mikhail and Vladimir show how to do this on the Summit of Masters DVD)
5. Continue to move around the non attacked so you are at the back of the attacker and work from there.
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