Instead of technique – become the air

In this video we follow a wider mindset. Instead of trying to control the situation, we work to be aware and thus control ourselves and further more. Instead of focusing on our motives and moves, we aim to see the reflection of the other within ourselves.

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

Mr Tsu 🙂

Ten simple steps to take before disaster

  1. Be frugal: Check your home and surrounding for supplies that already reside in the area. Existing water tanks. That water filter from the trip down under and so on.
  2. Be friendly: People become savages the moment they are hungry and a moment before their children become hungry. Make friends that matter so you can become a group that works and thrives together. Don’t be afraid to be selective. A drop of poison can poison an entire well.
  3. Be quiet: Avoid hanging a PREPPER sticker on your car or bike and don’t mention your horded stocks of medicine, ammo and high quality puzzles to everyone. Learn to think before you speak.
  4. Be fit: A six pack will do you little good in a disaster but the ability to carry food and water home, to fight and to climb will do a lot. Make your legs back and arms strong for work and not a workout. Think of a farmer’s need for strength rather than a weight lifter.
  5. Be attentive: Pay attention to people’s behavior and what happens in your surroundings. Awareness grows with use and gives you a heads up to danger, opportunity and the onset of big changes before the train leaves the station.
  6. Be light: Learn to use each item you have in several ways. Your analog watch is also a compass during the day and each bag is also a water carrier and a twig insulation when it is cold. Thinking of new uses for items is a way of being. Make it your own before you have to.
  7. Be independent: Pay attention when you have a professional fix your car or plumbing and do as much as you can by yourself or by being helpful and on the spot when needed. Learn the basics of as much as you can so you are less dependent and more able to offer valuable help when needed.
  8. Be invisible: Watch and experiment with dress, walking pattern and speech. Pay attention to what takes attention and what flies under the radar throughout the year and events. Be able to take different routes to the same location and move as the gray man.
  9. Be informed: Read and listen to several news sources that are both electronic and human. Pay attention to what comes before the storm and ride it.
  10. Be humble: Pay attention to the free lessons nature teaches year round and to every person you meet. Everyone has something to give you in their own special and sometimes nasty way.

Do a little bit each day. It adds up to a lot.


Ten odd tips on being in the army

  1. Don’t be the best dressed man on the bus.
  2. Touch each door before you open it.
  3. Look up the time on your wristwatch only when you have to.
  4. Relax your arms when you jump.
  5. Learn sixteen different knots.
  6. Always give credit when it is due.
  7. The way is much more familiar when you look behind you every fifty steps.
  8. Carry a pen and a small pencil.
  9. Find at least two directions for everything you see and hear.
  10. Repeating yourself is mostly unnecessary. Repeating yourself is mostly unnecessary.
  11. Count things yourself. 🙂

Ten books for inner maintenance and growth

We suffer and grow and learn and connect with each breath.

To keep the equation on the positive side and to make our cup larger so we can take more in, we must learn who we are and unlearn who we were.

Waking the tiger.

Letting energy flow through us instead of creating a fetid well of darkness.

Tracking and the art of seeing

Letting the wholeness and acceptance of nature come into your awareness and at the same time learn to see yourself as just one more piece of the puzzle. A picture cannot be taken without affecting the whole.

Diary of a baby

We were not always who we are now and in order to move forward cleanly, we must be able to move on the scale and understand how the process itself commences. The initial vector is not enough. You must travel the road.

Death in the long grass

Learn to shift your point of view from entity to entity and to the whole. This comes in a very practical package here with the hunter viewpoint but immersion brings with it lessons that cannot be learned from afar. Immerse yourself and let your consciousness float.

Fascial Release for Structural Balance

I am very much against relying on massage for release but the book presents many pathways for self release of tension and opening dams of tension to flow and realign anew.

Eat fat to get thin

This tome of analysis shows a great example of how logic is just another one of the tools in the toolbox. Another gift this book grants is a release from dogma and that if a lot of people believe and preach something. It does not make it true. Make your own test, fly your own kite in the sky and laugh in the face of the faceless horde.

The hero with a thousand faces

Legends sit deep inside us as do the lessons of our fathers. To unearth them we can dig at our understanding of what is it we were brought up to aspire to.

Loving what is

A simple path to getting rid of the friction between what we want and what exists. Progress happens easier with less burden.

The talent code

What is practice and what is deep practice. Which slivers of the lesson are getting through and how to open the gates and deepen your tuning to the moment.


How to evolve as a teacher of self and of others with a kind heart and enjoy the process.

And thank you to my friends and family. I am your book and you are mine.

Military tactical battle CQB COIN and babies

We all give things and actions names and tags for easy communication and common understanding.

The problem with tags is that it has a meaning of their own and sometimes take over the essence of the actual need or want.

Babies crawl and walk on their hands and knees. So do soldiers and hunters and there is no difference.

Kids play games and sneak and snatch things for fun and play and so do soldiers in raids and in need.

Teenagers in some places wear quiet clothes and take a gun and a pack and go hunting to eat and for profit.  Soldiers do the same.

The more we look at the tag or the belt or the diploma of the Instructor or teacher or Sensei or Elvis impersonator, the further away we are from our real selves and less in contact with the person.

Treat yourself to a dose of truth and just do what needs to be done and have as much fun as possible with as much regard that is needed to your image and tags you and others tag each other.



Four low tech ways to prepare for selection and deployment

The further I look back at my military history the more gadgets and trinkets meant the world to me. A young skinny soldier at eighteen thought the world of this pin or that beret and considered getting a shortened M-16 the peak of comfort at the time. Later on things progressed to changing the torture devices the IDF issues you as shoes and making sawing and shaping the best vest and configuration possible. The older version has far less crutches to performance and a lot more experience to understand what is really important to getting the job done and living well in nature.
With this perspective I present you four simple cheap ways for the serving and those who plan to serve their fellow countrymen to make yourself ready to the moment when your actions will mean life and death.

1. Many cultures prepared their young for adult life with some variation of a spirit quest. The form I experienced was very simple in formula. Three days in nature with no sleeping, no eating and drinking and all the time you do something from making fires at night to preparing tools and tracking animals during the day. This can be dangerous as people do drop during this trial and the subconscious does surface to some degree (on the fourth day the barrier is broken between the folds ) and here comes one of the hidden parts of this trial. You must find and organize people friends or family to look over you and you need to do the same in turn. Civilians forget the military is team work and there is no better time to start working on that than right now.
The time spend during the spirit quest or however you want to call it will give you a much better control over your senses and deciding what is true and what is just in your head. You will meet some of your demons and as you have to keep working during this time you will either learn an important lesson for the next time or release a lot of misconceptions on your limits bodily mentally and emotionally.
2. Everyone has a few minutes a day to himself. A parent can do this drill while cradling his first born and a kid can do this under the house for a few minutes just before coming home from school. The drill is again simple in formula. You have only two rules. A you keep moving all the time and B you must take X steps per X minutes you have time right now.
Yes, you take one step per minute and you have to keep moving the entire time. This translates to slow motion walking and the benefits start manifesting from the first time you take time for yourself. Awareness to your own movement will rise and the impact you force on your body as you fall from leg to leg will clean out of your system. You will find yourself making less and less noise and your feet will wake up to the surface you are on and you will have less and less bumps and bruises on your toes and legs from going here and there. Another side of this drill is stalking proficiency and again here you will need friend or partners to work with.
We start with just listening as one partner faces away from the stalker and turns only when you hear or feel some movement. Progress to facing the stalker in open ground and calling out the movement only when it breaks the lines of the surface (breaking the surface of a shaded building or coming out of a curve in the ground before the watcher) Progress to moving in nature and using any way to move silently toward the watcher and again this is something you can do from time to time but everyday you can take a few minutes to hone your skill and awareness. No one can do this for you and the subtlety of what this will give you will reveal itself over years and years.
3. Movies are shot during the day and illuminated by night but real work and most of your training will take place during nighttime. Building your ability to work at night will affect your everyday life and allow you to progress where others falter. We start by not turning on the light every time you go to get something from the fridge or when you go down to take out the trash. Slowly and with care you can progress to orienting yourself in dark buildings and in nature using friends and partners to play hide and seek without the use of light. A small and fun trick in this drill is to wear sunglasses during night time games and turning the lights on and off by a partner in the game to see how you fare in the ever changing game of life.
4. The worst time to learn to handle yourself well is when the bullets are flying overhead or when your brother in arms is screaming from a puncture wound in his privates. One of the best educations to your knowledge and to your nervous systems is to give from your time at the local hospital or any of it’s equivalents. Take time and volunteer in the local emergency room. Scrap up the human waste from the floor and help to hold down the crazed drug addict after a long boring shift. Death, injury and fear are a part of everyone’s world. Be the warrior and come up to meet them and make the world a better place for yourself and everyone around. You.
Nothing I write here is new nor is it very high tech or glamorous in any way. Being the guy or girl who walks into the fire to save those who cannot help themselves or the shooter who lies waiting for days to stop the terrorist on his way to the school bus isn’t glamorous either but being on this site and reading these articles I think I am communicating with the few who find the beauty being a good human being and serving with the best.

Stay safe
Stay low
don’t forget to smile
When your face relaxes you shoot better