Ten books for inner maintenance and growth

We suffer and grow and learn and connect with each breath.

To keep the equation on the positive side and to make our cup larger so we can take more in, we must learn who we are and unlearn who we were.

Waking the tiger.

Letting energy flow through us instead of creating a fetid well of darkness.


Tracking and the art of seeing

Letting the wholeness and acceptance of nature come into your awareness and at the same time learn to see yourself as just one more piece of the puzzle. A picture cannot be taken without affecting the whole.


Diary of a baby

We were not always who we are now and in order to move forward cleanly, we must be able to move on the scale and understand how the process itself commences. The initial vector is not enough. You must travel the road.


Death in the long grass

Learn to shift your point of view from entity to entity and to the whole. This comes in a very practical package here with the hunter viewpoint but immersion brings with it lessons that cannot be learned from afar. Immerse yourself and let your consciousness float.


Fascial Release for Structural Balance

I am very much against relying on massage for release but the book presents many pathways for self release of tension and opening dams of tension to flow and realign anew.


Eat fat to get thin

This tome of analysis shows a great example of how logic is just another one of the tools in the toolbox. Another gift this book grants is a release from dogma and that if a lot of people believe and preach something. It does not make it true. Make your own test, fly your own kite in the sky and laugh in the face of the faceless horde.


The hero with a thousand faces

Legends sit deep inside us as do the lessons of our fathers. To unearth them we can dig at our understanding of what is it we were brought up to aspire to.


Loving what is

A simple path to getting rid of the friction between what we want and what exists. Progress happens easier with less burden.


The talent code

What is practice and what is deep practice. Which slivers of the lesson are getting through and how to open the gates and deepen your tuning to the moment.



How to evolve as a teacher of self and of others with a kind heart and enjoy the process.


And thank you to my friends and family. I am your book and you are mine.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)