Strong hands

Here are proven methods of increasing the ability of hands and fingers. They come to make us more capable and less fragile in a world of impact and shearing. Make yourself strong so you can do the work you want done. Hanging on rough surfaces – We all hanged on rounded bars on gym classes.… Read More Strong hands

Take a backpack on your back or a suitcase in your hand and walk in a crowd while trying to minimize contact with others. Work with a partner or a few on moving with the backpack while avoiding people who are coming at you and dealing with people trying to grab and hit you. consider… Read More

Have a partner place their fist on your neck and press. Feel the tension from your body resisting the movement and allow the leg which is in the direction or closest to the continouation of the press to negate the movement and no more. Have your feet rest under your hips and your hips above… Read More