Notes from class: partner power lines

Relaxation is but a direction of activation. Try saying that really fast 🙂

In these series of drills, I present you with learning to balance and tense in the best alignment for the particular movement. Aim to move yourself and the rest will follow or not. Freedom stands beyond.

  1. Squat down a step away from your partner and place the flat of your fist on his or hers. Push each other’s arms back and forth and check your alignment in the squat. This teachers the right tension dynamic for movement without excess.
  2. Place yourself in the push up position and repeat the previous drill. This will add a new angle to the work and also the balance of tension in holding the torso in place J You want abs, eat right and do my drills.
  3. Repeat drills 1 and 2 only now you hold each other’s wrists and pull instead of push.
  4. Repeat drills 1 and 2 only now you aim to move each other’s arm in a circle as they aim to give you some resistance and guide you otherwise.
  5. Stand back to back and hold each other in the bend of your elbows. Arch your spine to bring your partner airborne as they offer some resistance and repeat. This aids in learning to use the curvature of the body to your advantage and also to ease back pain when done right. Breath leads motion and aim to do good.
  6. Stand shoulder to shoulder while facing to opposite sides. Place your arms over each other’s shoulder and put the leg close to your partner around your partners one also in the air. Now press the partner leg back and forth as they resist and balance together or fall and adjust.
  7. Stand a step away from each other and place your hands on each other’s shoulders. Keep them with enough tension to stay straight but without locking them or getting stiff. Push each other back and forth using the entire body to spread the tension to the needed but without exceeding it.
  8. Stand back to back and push each other back and forth. Focus on the movement and don’t cling to the ground or to any contact. Breathe and move and if it does not work, align yourself with whatever is happening.
  9. Stand shoulder to opposite shoulder and push each other side to side. Enjoy but hold your spine with control. Never push yourself out of alignment.

Play with your body and have a purpose.

Enjoy and preserve your health.



Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

2 thoughts on “Notes from class: partner power lines”

  1. Thanks for sharing this drill. Particlarly enjoyed the push up drill where we pull our training partner. All the drills helped increase my awareness of the varying levels of tension the can occur.

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