Rope Agility

I love to see commercials for expensive devices in fitness and the martial arts. I love even more to find solutions hiding under my nose to bring fun, progress and health to myself, my students and anyone else. Here are four rope drills that get the job done: Take a rope that extends from one… Read More Rope Agility

rope strong

Strength makes life easier. We choose paths and follow them. Choose one that makes you strong in all your faculties and take your friends and loved ones with you. The cost of being weak is heavier… 1.       Tie the rope to a tree trunk. Climb the rope from laying down prone and see who can… Read More rope strong

hitting like a rope

If you have ever worked on a sailboat, you know to be weary of a rope on the loose. In these two videos we show how to both unleash and recoil this rope within ourselves. Keep safe and see each other as people instead of targets.

Take a strong thin rope and hold it with both hands at a comfortable width. Have a partner hold onto the rope and pull and push it in different ways to make you move and unbalance and you work to stay as relaxed and aligned as possible. This is a drill to help you learn to keep your hands full and relaxed. The thin rope is hard to hold without too much tension and you will learn to position and move so you can do the work using everything you have. Change roles and repeat the drill a few times and remember to keep the focus on you. If you concentrate on the rope you will not be aware of all your parts and how they work together.

Another drill with the thin rope is to loop it around a door frame or a pull up bar and lean as you counter with the rope held in your hand. Relax and find the right tension and angle to use so you can rest a part or all of your mass on the rope and it will help you control yourself.
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This is a great way to teach children to move and defend themselves in a game way. Give two kids a jump rope or a long belt and each one holds one end. Now they try to loop it around the others neck (without giving it too much pull) as the other moves first with just the body and neck and than with the hand that is free and than with everything. you can also have a two on one where one kid holds two rope ends and two other kids work with him and so on. Adults can do this too with the same effect and move later on to the chain which is less kid friendly.
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