Monthly plan template for May



Spoken prayer (affirmations and thanks) continuous for 5 minutes (hay chasm)

Day 1

30 minutes breathing through the body with walking and pulse awareness 12, prolonging the breath during the four basic drills (focus on prolonging the breathe pause phase during walking)

30 minutes Super slow movement for fine-tuning (one step a minute, the four drills) and than shadow surviving against many

Day 2

30 minutes sitting down and getting up, rolling

30 minutes chain work relaxation and natural movement

Day 3

30 minutes wall work from the ground up: freedom of motion and alignment in motion without giving support (for example walk up and down with fists and than with feet)

30 minutes stick work for wholeness in the body and density and than movement and work against others cleaning tensions in the joints and creating awareness and ability to move it

Day 4

30 minutes breathing while tensing and relaxing the body (on the ground, standing) and than staying in the static push up and other variations as you tense and relax in waves and than while moving.

30 minutes work with eyes closed (shadow fighting using the other senses to navigate)

Day 5

30 minutes wall work focus on hitting ability in all parts and moving each part of you without affecting the others. (work on awareness in the fingers, fist and so on)

30 minutes knife work minimal movement and awareness

Day 6

30 minutes whip work to clean fear and tension from the body and mind and to defend myself and others

30 minutes work on juggling to teach the eyes to relax and coordinate. (bottle, balls, footbag)


Mid day

Breath pyramids while walking to clear the mind and place you in the moment.

Russian Study in speech and writing


90 full body twists with the arms flailing in the three hip/ankle/heel variations

10 minutes pushing and pulling on myself to clean the body of tension. For example holding the ankles with the hands and rolling on the floor.

Write 6 simple goals for tomorrow







Watch the DVDs

Move and be silent in nature

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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