Take a stick the size of a broom stick and press on the ends in both palms. Sit on a chair and see how you can move while still pressing on the stick and note what you can see around you. If you can, have a friend move around you and move so you always see him and stay comfortable at the same time. Next sit on the ground and repeat this drill. You can use your imagination for this too.  Now Lie down flat so your face is down and crawl forward and backwards without lifting your body off the ground; after that roll so your face is up and again your hands are overhead and crawl from side to side.
Move from the positon of face down to face up and again in ten different ways and for example here are a few ways:
1 move one leg across the body and let the rest of the body follow it.
2 lift both legs off the ground, sit up and go down while turning
3 bring the knees to the chest and roll
4 bring the arms low and in line with the body and roll
5 arch the back and spring up with a twist to a roll
6 find an object on the ground like a chair or a back and lean on it to do the movement
7 have a friend roll you
8 bring the stick parallel to the shoulders and roll over one shoulder
9 bring the stick down and move the legs under it and roll
10 lean on the stick itself to pivot on it and roll

Make it your own by doing the work

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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