Take two friends and a knife. One of you will walk with eyes closed and one is the observer. The third will come at the walker using this tactic or another. Come at the walker and use one limb to push or pull him in one direction and as he tenses up press the knife to him in the direction of his tension and than move to lever him using the knife down and out. A good way to lever with the knife is using the throat in combination with the forearm (note to avoid getting tense yourself) or by using one leg of yours to plant of of his legs and levering his hips or knees. Another tactic to help each other to learn to be aware and choose what to do rather than react in tension without distinction is to strike using the body and only when the walker receives the strike strike again with the knife. This way both learn to pay more attention to all of them and to avoid cutting the contact with the attacker so you will be able to gain control over him. The third partner will advise as to the tension that is apparent in your movements and in the direction you look or move your head when in contact. If he is able to come near enough to the loving couple and strike them lightly it is a good idea to help each other learn to spread your attention in all your body.

Remember that contact is affecting both the body and the mind and help each other learn to clean their fear and tension without hurting them. For example a blade to the face or between the legs is important to practice and this work with your eyes closed will help you learn to pay attention to the rest of your senses.

Keep moving, keep breathing and keep thinking avoid being a drum. It only makes a sound when it is hit.

If you are working in a lit environment remember that closed eyelids can still pass some light. Note if you can feel where the light is cut off by a tree or a bush, where the ground is cooler if you are working with no shoes and perhaps you will still be able to notice the attacker by absence of light he creates on his approach. Nothing is lost unless you give up on it.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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