Many times an attacker will want to attack you without you knowing the attack is coming or by overwhelming you at the start of it. This sounds logical and simple so let us work on relaxing and remaining within ourselves as we work. Have a partner and a dull knife and follow this drill: Have your partner pinch your face with the blade and his thumb (note the eyes are a one time deal so avoid getting yourself blind) and at the same time press another knife or a pen to your body. Work on first breathing continuously and pushing the pen away from your body. Working on spreading yourself over your entire body will help you relax and control yourself. Your partner will help you by telling you if you are indeed activation the right part of you or working somewhere else or using too much for the job. Next work on breathing and again pushing the pen/knife away only lightly and after that relax and move your body to avoid harm. You can do this while working the body and than switching to the next mode or at the same spot running all the drills from tension to control. Once both of you have done this (if you have three people have one grab you with the knife from behind and the other stabbing from the front) Work on releasing yourself from the face pinch without taking away skin or organs by moving correctly and seeing the openings in your partners body (for example if he is taller than you, you can step closer and at the same time pull his elbow to you which will put him at an uncomfortable position and you will be able to relax his wrist and escape unharmed) and after you have done this working against his hand continue to work with his whole body as he grabs and advances and you work to stay free and unharmed.
There is always the issue of when and where and how to strike first so after this is done work on avoiding the first contact if you wish or creating a movement which is uncomfortable to him but comfortable to you. For example pick up a branch or stone from the ground or raise one arm to the chin or brow and change your heading constantly and remember to keep breathing.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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