This is a partner drill to learn to avoid tagging movement into types of movement. Start with one person working to bring the other down as the other simply relaxes and moves with the body to stay relaxed and upright. Continue to the other pushing his attacker to help himself stay upright and end with him striking his partner to avoid falling and getting entangled in a mix. The goal of the drill is to be able to mix types of movement without adding emotion to it even if you are hit and to be able to stay relaxed even if you are grappled with and feel the tension in your partner or whoever is holding you. It is easy to hit well in the best of circumstances but add a bit of dirt to the mirror and it reflects a very poor image. Learning to stay relaxed enough to hit well when taken in a hold is a good idea and you can make it a path to gain control of your own tension. Switch roles and starting positions such as attack from behind or from below or above (staircase or hill…) and another add on to this is working to move the least possible. For example if you are in front of a full two arm attempt to hug you and take you down you move with your body to one side and connect without impact with one of the arms using one of your arms and than continue to guide your partner in his direction while adding another of your own rather than stopping him and you stay with him to demoralize his spirit and to keep aware of his intentions. Work from where you are and avoid returning to a non existent zero point.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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