Sometimes the work requires you to stay were you are such as in personal protection and in defense of wounded or disabled in some way. For example if you have a small child you may be able to run with him on your person but a grown up is much more difficult to carry because in most cases he or she will interfere in the work in some way. Start by having a partner stand and try to stay where they are and you work to bring them to safety while another partner is working to touch him using a stick or anything else. Work on directing his head gently in the direction you wish him to move and working with your body to affect his spine so he will himself move to safety. For example you place your hand on the side of his head and turn his head so his eyes face where you want to go and with your hip you take the place of his hips so his spine is not aligned with gravity. Now let him regain his alignment and while he does that he will follow the gentle direction of your touch. You can add a push from your foot or knee to his body in the situation warrants this.
Another way to do this is to take hold of a neck or arm and simply sit down and roll with him to take him out of the cross hairs. Remember that you need to keep breathing thinking and moving and any one of them which is not in play will put you in more danger. Work with two partners on keeping one from the other by redirecting the movements of one of them as they try to join (for example if your principle is annoyed with a comment from the crowd…) Remember to use all of your body to do the work and keep your eyes and spirit calm and free from affixing on one thing and staying there. Keep breathing and keep moving.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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