We often strive to complete what we started whether it is working for us or we are working for it. For example if you are asked for advice you usually give more than what was intended and end up doing something not too benefiting for yourself. Take knife work for example. If you work to complete a deflection or a step rather than making the goal clear in your head you will end up moving in directions that can get you killed or worse getting a loved one killed. Work first in evading one attacker with a knife (you work with the person rather than against the knife) focus on moving just to get the job done and note if you move more than you have to. Add a second attacker and again this is great to feel where you move without care or complete what has no relevance. Add another one and remember to keep both eyes free and relaxed from focus and after a while a good clean sense of survival and letting go of the outcome will emerge. This way you will do just what is needed and no more. This way you may survive.


A technical note. when you raise your hand to deflect a knife you are giving it resistance which is a form of support.  Work slowly first to feel and move with the blade limb and blade without resistance and learn to ghost the attack with the touch of your limb or body and you body moving. For example if I am attacked from the front and I block the attack than the attacker can glide and slice over this resistance to get to me. If I make contact and move, I feel where I am more comfortable and move there and I can guide the attack where I want it and keep breathing.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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