Short work

Start with a partner and make threatening postures and movements toward each other. Notice the reaction in your body and intention and watch for the beginning of aggression. Now simply move and work without the aggression and note the difference in the result and the the mirroring of intention and escalation in each other.

Once you have done this and released a bit of tension from outside do a few slow push ups and squats tensing and relaxing body parts as you move and simply paying attention to the change in the whole body alignment in every breath.

Now place one arm or leg and have the partner push and move it using first his body (chest, back head) and than using limbs. First push and than allow the body to simply walk and feel where there is less support or attention in the partner and move logically.

Walk forward and in every step relax into a squat and up keeping your legs under you the entire time and avoiding tensing or spreading your legs more than it is comfortable. First walk and in each step inhale and than exhale. Progress to two steps of one continous inhale and than two of exhale and change directions backwards. Do this moving up in the breath scale and moving forward and backwards and than changing direction and your view in every step.

Have the partner push you using the hips and legs in walking and do one push from you and one from him. Stay in contact with each other the entire time to release the eyes to see more and to feel where you can sink in your movement. let the arms and shoulders and head participate in the push once you feel the body moving relax but as one and see how you can choose where to go no matter which tension or pressure is presented to you.

Add to this movement drill a grab or pinch or both from time to time in the tissue of the face or the clothes or anything that works and allow the breath to lead the movement and note how the body aware can move in more than one direction in order to survive and how you can choose to be tense and move at the same time. It is important to know how to change the movement and rhythm of the body without disturbing the awareness of the mind. Keep doing this drill until you can keep breathing without stop and can direct your self without a fixed rhythm or constant level of tension. To be free means you control your own tension and direct it. We are more than drums that make a noise simply when hit.

Have your partner move into you and you allow him no support except contact to give him a frame of location to follow. First move very slowly paying attention to yourself and where you wish to be and slowly relax your body and eyes and allow the breath to release the tension the partner is moving toward you and give him just enough contact so he spreads himself and has no aggression or tension to feed and work with.

Most important is to move with your own intention and not directed from outside. If there is for example a push in your chest you can move against it or around it or if you pay attention give it no support and feel where it is logical for you to move your body to finish the work. Keep in contact to know what your partner is doing but avoid following. Move slowly at first and remember it is not a match in a ring. Speed is paramount when surprise and guile are taken out of the equation. Stay within yourself and  keep breathing. It makes no matter who shoots first but who hits first

Keep breathing and paying attention. We are already alive so we just have to keep breathing 🙂

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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