Projectile tools use in movement

Attach a light point marker like the ones used in presentations to the end of the barrel of your rifle a stick a handgun or a simple pensile and point it at your partner. He or she will move logically so the barrel will not be pointing at them and your objective is to see what is happening as you direct the business end of your tool to your partner. Mind to avoid focusing on him because this will narrow your field of sight and allow him to manipulate your posture and direction and instead see the sights whether they are iron sights, laser or light or simply your awareness. This way you are free to move instead or reacting to an external trigger.

Next stand next to your partner and direct the tool to him in the same way minding not to fix your body by paying attention to the soles of your feet and how you choose to place your mass on them. Walk around them while keeping your eyes relaxed to see the next thing coming at your and allowing you to both see the objective and the rest without strain. Start slowly and note how the body can relax and change the alignment and the way you move your limbs to do the work instead of keeping a stance and moving rigidly and with a narrow line of sight. Using a heavy object such as a bag at the end of a stick is good to learn to shift your tension around in your body instead of tensing against it and loosing the battle against reality. Instead simply breathe and as you pay attention the logical solution will present itself. If you are in the armed forces or simply defending someone who cannot do this for himself place the strap or a bag at the end of your rifle or any tool and find a way to keep moving and staying relaxed. Remember life is movement and as you become rigid and strain against reality it will give you a hard lesson in humility. Start with humility and you are without limits.

Now have your partner move to end the possibility of you using this tool on him by taking the tool from you or taking you out of the work (for example a hit to the throat with a stick) or by directing the tool at you. Move slowly to avoid hurting each other but move with intent. Relax your face and remember to keep breathing and the idea of staying alive in mind. Again keep moving where there is less resistance so if for example your handgun hand is held move from the body and allow the elbow to move and keep the hollow in your partner to allow both to learn to move better. An inexpensive and good option to clean ideas of pride from yourself is to use a water gun where you can feel the hit and know that a wet arm or torso or even foot is a bleeding one in reality. Keep breathing and moving and avoid the downfall of pride. Learn from every contact and from everyone you meet and see.

Smiling is not prohibited.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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