Being relaxed on your fists comes from being relaxed in your body and in your perception. You must learn to move with your breath and to use the least amount of tension to keep the fist closed and the wrist aligned and to remember to move with all your body and not have density just in the fist.
Start by tensing and relaxing on your fists in the static push up working to spread your awareness in all your body and to note where you tense up or are not aware of your alignment and are hurting your breathing. Repeat for the sides (one one fist and one leg, body straight and perpendicular to the ground) and than face up static push ups. Build to a 100 breaths in each gravity pool and remember it is just the start.
Now to the choppers: start with your fists on the ground and walk your legs with your body as straight as you can around lifting each arm from the body at a time only when you must. Remember you need to work to extend your comfort zone with awareness while avoiding pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Being outside it in combat is injury or death most of the time and the wife is against it.
Now have a good partner lie on the ground and you walk on his body both face up and face down working to keep the elbows alive and the shoulders moving from the body and not moving the body. Remember to walk with your legs and body and let the arms do the talking.
Now do the same drill only have your partner roll as you walk with him working on keeping your breath light and your eyes free from following your partner. Keep the fists on your partner and add an elbow and shoulder at will.
Now have two partners or more squat with you and have a free everyone walks through everyone with the arms acting as ghosts and just touching the partners and collapsing working on just feeling the movement and the breath. Do this until you start to dislike the person who wrote the drill…
Now half squat and have two people or more push you at the same time and you simply ghost your fists and arms on their moving arms and body. Again just feel the movement while you keep your breath vision and body free from outside control.
Now start to sit down and get up and have people come and walk through you and you move out of the way (rolling, walking, sliding and so on) as you let the movement sink and screw into them while you move freely still. Remember to keep your survival via awareness above overextending yourself and injuring yourself. a broken collar bone in the forest behind the lines is not the same as a sport injury in survival terms.
Now have people come to embrace you (walk or run at you and work their limbs around you to drop you so the others can play that English sport with your head) and you work your entire body including shoulders head limbs and behind to keep moving and letting the fists do the talking.

Do a much better thing and attend a Vladimir and Mikhail seminar 🙂

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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