Have a partner walk freely and walk calmly behind him. From time to time draw near and use your fist or hand to push or pull him within your movement. Your partner needs to use his breathing to avoid building tension from anticipation and either roll with the pressure or if you feel a change in the tension or movement of your partner roll beforehand. Switch roles so the one walking first needs to push or pull the one walking behind him. In this part of the drill where your partner sees you the movement must be natural and excess tension free so you can contact without your partner rolling out of the way.
Repeat the drill using either legs or arms both ways and then going for a body to body affect. Finish by using rolling through your partner either way and if the number of partners of students permits do the drill using three or more people with choice of targets to work with…

Focus points:
Let the breath lead movement
Avoid change of pace when the work does not demand it
be aware where your eyes are heading
movement can originate from different positions and using different tension maps in the body. The same movement can appear the same but have different affects altogether. Avoid mimicry and be yourself.

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