In the west it is considered heroic in many cases to loose your temper and go berserk. You hear about acts negating reason and consideration that succeed once in a while and those who perform them and live are considered heroes. An experienced soldier would care little to a heroic person in his fox hole as those tend to get themselves and others killed.
Most babies are born with the same attributes including mental and bodily feelings of fear and pain. In society we are pressed to suppress and ignore those feelings and when they come out as violence or the breaking of social rules we are judges and punished for them.This outlook is supported by the governing religion which also judges us for the negative thoughts and actions in the balance and considered those negative acts as influence of some evil being or some evil that is borne within us.
When you juxtapose this treatment of our nature to conflict we view the blade coming toward us with fear and prediction of pain and try to avoid it. Since the fear and pain reside in the back of our heads and constricted in our social body movements (sit straight, don’t make faces, suffer in silence, be a man) they affect us without our awareness to it and cause to anything within the range of freezing out of terror to acting out of control as a berzerker.
As teachers, friends and family we all have this inside us and being honest about our fear and pain in speaking of ourselves and others and in our movements.

Examples of putting things to practice:
With partner:
Have a partner place his fist on your face or other sensitive spots and apply twisting pressure inward. Keep breathing and place your fists or hands and your lower limbs on his body to see and feel all the open spaces left beside the path of the fist. Repeat the drill with your partner moving toward you with the fist raised already and you using tension in the body, breath holding and eye closing to make all the emotions and feeling come alive and manifest and as the contact is made release the holds and start moving freely. Have a partner hold you tight with his limbs and body and resist with your muscles opposing the feeling of constriction until you tire and then allow yourself to move where you are free. Have a few partners each hold to a limb and raise you in the air. Have them move you and turn you with you tensing against them and once you had enough follow the initial movement of breathing and move using small and then larger movements out of them to find the already existing opening.
In your home close your eyes and perform by touch and sound daily tasks such as cleaning and cooking. Close your eyes and hold your breath and travel without making a sound from one end to another of your house or your place of work if this is possible. Remove your shoes and walk barefoot over natural ground while looking forward and up and paying attention to the signal your feet are giving you before placing any of your mass on your foothold and pay attention your expression when under pressure. Avoid putting on a mask of calmness as it just forces the fear beneath the surface and accept yourself as human. There lies the true wholeness of acceptance and from that you will be free instead of bottling things inside you until they either explode or harm you in other forms.

In one sentence: Smile at your follies as they happen and they will be your tools. Scowl and hide them and you will be a tool to them.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)