From the edges to the center

Start by standing with your hands aiming forward. Have your partner walk around you and from time to time  push your arms as you keep breathing and work to avoid letting the push progress to the body. Keep walking and learn to keep moving freely while in contact and With your eyes and contact learn to sink the contact where there is no resistance from the standing partner.

Change roles from time to time and continue this drill while the once standing partner walks around the place and progress to standing and moving your arms drawing shapes as your stalking partner pushes them with the intention of sinking and creating movement in the body.

Progress to walking toward your standing partner first with arms at the sides and then with arms pointing forward as your partner uses all limbs to guide you from making body to body contact. Again work to see and feel once contact is made where you can work without using force on force which may end well or may not whereas working from freedom does not constrict you from the rest of the world ( for example your partner aids, nature ,the way things seem to others)

The work here is two fold. You work from one side to add movement where there is no awareness (density) in your partner or partners and from the other hand you work to stay free from resisting contact while doing your work freely. The focus is not on gaining the upper hand but on staying free. Be weary of work which lets you drift away in thought. It is not honest work which encompasses your whole. Any other practice is dishonest both to you and to your partners.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)