Controlling time

A clock ticks each second or hums with electricity going through a quartz crystal.
We thankfully operate on a different dynamic scale where we can change our perception of time and even act according to our perceptions.


Start in a comfortable position and your eyes closed to lower your intake of the outside world.  Count your heartbeats and how they combine with your breath. Stretch your breath over more and more heartbeats until you reach the top of the pyramid and stay there for ten breaths. Lower the count of heartbeats per breath in the same manner and each time you repeat the drill use a less and less comfortable position to learn to create more breathing space under pressure.
Example for position progress: Laying down, sitting against a wall, sitting on your shins, static push up, lower end of the squat, half squat position…

half squat

Take a piece of paper or a stretch of sand and start to draw a spiral from the inside out. Hold your breath and wait for some pressure is built. Continue to hold your breath and follow the spiral back to the beginning. With practice you will hold on to the tension less and less and both directions will grow.


Hold your gaze toward the horizon for ten breaths and capture what is in front of you. Close your eyes and bring the picture with all its details in your mind. Repeat this drill with one less breath for the capture each time and when you reach one breath use just one exhale and after that just a blink of your eyes. With practice this drill will allow you to use less and less time to grasp and realize more and more of what is in front of you.

bond shutter

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