A car is powered by its engine and fuel but the transmission carries the power to where it is manifested.

Let’s focus also on our transmission which is our joints and connective tissue.

Here is a three month plan to build up the the tendon mind health and connection. Tendons take longer than muscle to grow and change so take care to listen to your body and never play the music out of tune. Practice the holds and movements below in an alternating manner where you spread them. Do each one three times a week to let the body build itself and come together in a new way of locomotion.

Three times a week:

  1. LOWER BODY – Bend at the ankles, knees and hips till you reach a ninety degree angle at the knees and the feet are under the hips. Walk 120 breaths forward and the same backwards, sideways and turning. Keep your back upright at all times and allow yourself to relax your face and neck.
  2. LOWER BODY – Place your feet on a sliding surface ( a sock on a stone floor or smooth plastic on a rug) as you lie face up on the ground. Inhale and lift the hips up by pressing one foot backwards and repeat 60 times per side and alternate with each step.
  3. SPINE – Lie on your back and arch to for a full body arch with all limbs joining the arch. Breath and rock forward and back for 120 breaths. Repeat while on your stomach and on each side. Allow one arm on the ground when you are doing the sides to ease into the movement. Keep the arch alive instead of stiff and move from your breath.
  4. UPPER BODY – Hang on the bar and sway forward and back for 120 breaths. Avoid straining yourself in the beginning and build to a full 120 breath of swinging forward and back. Once you can do it in one go, advance to playing and swaying in different directions and heights. Swaying is much more taxing than static holds so progress with care.
  5. UPPER BODY – Hang on the parallel bars for a 120 breaths. Sway the body forward and back and again, take your time in getting to doing this in one set. Make sure your shoulders do not sag and on the other hand are not tense and your entire body moves as one.

Enjoy the movement.

Ice is a healer – a month of cold immersion

The only true commodity you have in your life is your time.

One of the best and easiest ways to protect and enhance your time on earth is to go towards the cold with open arms and a bare chest.

In one month,

One can

  1. Increase their control of themselves
  2. Develop a healthier body and mind
  3. Learn to enjoy doing “hard” things
  4. Learn better breathing patterns which affect everything

Start by taking a cold shower once a day. Open the water on COLD at full strength and walk in and stand there for just one minute.

There is a bit of a shock from the cold so focus on breathing the tension out by exhaling more than inhaling and mind how deep you breathe to avoid getting in more than you want at the moment.

Increase the time after a few days to two minutes and establish a breath tempo that allows your body and especially the muscles around the lungs to move and feel relaxed.

Increase again and again until you reach ten minutes a day and add the focuses as the minute count increases.

  1. 1 minute – Once entering the cold – focus on exhaling the tension from the change in temperature. Avoid inhaling more than you need.
  2. 2 minutes -Focus on letting a calm tempo of breath emerge once the shock is past. mind how the breath affects your torso tension.
  3. 3 minutes – Focus on inhaling and direct the power of the breath to your upper back and the heat generation there.
  4. 4 minutes -Focus on letting your heart beats and breath sync in tempo.
  5. 5 minutes -Focus on spreading your awareness to your toes and fingers.
  6. 6 minutes – Focus on feeling the amount of air you take in and how this increases and decreases the pressure in your lungs.
  7. 7 minutes -Focus on spreading your awareness to your arms and legs and the feeling of blood flow in them. The blood moves the heat the body generates and directs it.
  8. 8 minutes -Focus on your hips and shoulders and place them so the blood can flow better and your inner heat will maintain what is needed with only the energy required.
  9. 9 minutes -Focus on moving your limbs with the breath as tempo and letting the breath channel through the entire body.
  10. 10 minutes – Focus on moving on your feet in tempo with your breath and remaining calm and relaxed.

The added benefits of this cold protocol are (higher water bill non standing) better metabolism and immune system, better heat generation and awareness using breath and body awareness and greater calm due to taking yourself on and removing the excess.

Stay chill 🙂

Dr Seuss rolling

The mundane is the godly with a bit or seasoning and creativity.

Rolling. A simple task that can extend us exponentially with the right frame of mind.

Will you do it with a friend?

Will you do it stick in hand?

Will you do it with no eyes?

Will you do it legs entwined?

Will you do it with no hands?

Will you do it with breath held?

Will you do it knife in hand

Keep doing the same but different and you will make a change.

First in yourself and then it will grow past you.

Healing breath

Meditation is good for you. So is getting something to eat once in a while. In order to incorporate the two, we must find a path which gives us the benefits of both while allowing us to keep going through our day.

  1. Tense and relax (neural layers of actuation if you like big words) – I spend a few hours a week in vehicles. I can make use of the time when driving or driven to further my awareness to the network of tension in my body. Through becoming more aware of myself I allow the body to rid itself of excess and flow better inward and outward. Start by tensing a part of you on the inhale which is a tensing of a muscle in itself. Release within the exhale and repeat until you cover the entire body. Next time repeat the work using smaller body parts until you reach an end, Later on you will find deeper and deeper ways to release what keeps you from your optimum.
  2. Pulse – Your heart is working. Your awareness of it is lacking.  Start at the skin depth and feel your pulse around your heart and further on until you cover your surface. Go deeper and feel your pulse in your stomach and in your muscles. Feel it in your head and see your pulse in your eyes. When you have such awareness, your movement and health will bloom further.
  3. Fear – Do you know your own fear ? Do you have some dark figure at the back of the head, whispering as you tire ? Breathe in and hold onto it. Count your heartbeats and note them getting swifter. Feel the tension in your body build and your pulse through the body (I built to that in the previous points as you can see 🙂 ) Exhale as you reach your current end and repeat the process in the reverse (exhaling and holding) once your pulse and tension releases.


Simple is not easy.

Deep is not twisted.

Keep your mind free of the troubles of the moment. It has past. Keep your mind in pursuit of or the knowledge of now.


Get STRONG at an angle

Watching strength is inspiring. After all, most of the time we have the same parts as the strong man or acrobat 🙂 Here is a simple method to become stronger in degrees. Something that requires almost no tools and can be used for many people in many conditions and levels of movement.

Let’s take the simple push up for example. Some people can do many and some can do only a few. With a simple switch of angle you can hone your movement awareness, joint health and power.

Stand a step away from the wall and place your hand or hands (hint, hint) on the wall. Relax your body but keep it straight and do push ups at this tiny angle and subsequently little pressure. To most this will be a warm up or a joint movement but to some this can be a stage to greater strength from wherever they are. Even a strong athlete can be weak as a baby after an injury or disease and having steps to climb, allows you to progress instead of finding yourself at a dead end.

Now you slowly increase the angle you do pushups or one handed pushups at and in time reach the ground where you perform the classic pushup.

Then you can move a step or angle further and start lifting your legs up on a stool and then the wall or chair at growing angles until you perform handstand push ups 🙂

Sometimes giving yourself small steps to climb instead of looking at a mountain from afar will allow you to progress instead of getting stuck. The same goes for being stuck in a hold by a stronger opponent or another problem in life. Playing with small moves will lead to less injury and more ability to develop the situation and above all: When you do something, you cannot be overwhelmed or crushed by it.

Be strong at an angle. Teach your children to take steps toward their freedom without letting fear command a jump and loss of control.





  1. BREATHE – Inhale and exhale through the nose for better control and filtration. Let each next breath come to you by listening to the body needs and you will breathe more calmly and be more connected to what your body is telling you.
  2. THE MIND IS THE CONTROL – Fill your day with laughter and positive actions. Avoid negative places (who keep the smell of those emotions) and people and find the good in any situation you can. Follow your bliss.
  3. NATURE IS A HEALER – Find a few minutes or more every day to spend silently observing nature. Our nerve systems release excess excitation and the body releases unwanted hormones.
  4. LET YOUR DIGESTION REST – Finish eating every day at sunset or before it and eat breakfast two to three hours after waking up. This way you allow the body to work on healing while you sleep and allow the growth hormone we release before waking to take positive affect in the body.
  5. CHANGE YOUR POINT OF VIEW – Your body is fighting gravity all day. Spend 15-20 minutes upside down or at least in an angle over 45 with your head down to allow the blood vessel system to rest and balance.
  6. PLAY – The mind charges the body to release positive hormones to the system when engaged in joyful play. Find something you enjoy from dance to scrabble and pursue it.
  7. LEARN – The brain builds new connections and structures through study. Find a new language or skill to learn and tell your body to keep you young.
  8. SWING – hang on a tree branch or bar and just breathe. Let your body elongate and release the stress of compression and with the breath to lead, let the body swing naturally on the bar. That is one of the primal moving patterns of man and thus we communicate to the body to keep us in the game.
  9. ROLL – Lie on the ground and let the breath lead you in rolling front to back by using just the movement of the body itself. Go slowly and let the body shed excess tension and unneeded movement. Rolling is too a primal moving pattern of man and will keep you moving like a young self.
  10. SHAKE – Everyone shakes from fear or cold sometimes but we can use this innate mechanism to heal and release unwanted tension and emotion. Breathe and shake one body part or the body itself and release what is in excess. Shake the bleak off.


Thunder rolls over the landscape. It goes into every opening and shakes and affects what is in its wake. Thunder is of course the outcome of lightening so we must approach our striking movement in the same manner. One of the other qualities of thunder that goes without saying is that it is not affected as a whole. You can engage a part of the wave while the rest goes on undisturbed. Let us play with that quality to become the source of lightening.


Ideas to consider:

  1. The body is the lightening, the force. Allow the body to move the arms and legs.
  2. A tense limb both gives and receives pressure and tension. A relaxed limb can choose.
  3. Two moving parts can create a greater level of freedom than one. Do not focus on one body part. Be a whole human.
  4. Waiting means you are always late, always in someone’s control. You breathe, let your breath be the wave you ride to freedom.
  5. A dancer can dance, a fencer can fence. Be a human being first. Just move. Walk and climb and roll. Do not give names and categories that define and jail your thoughts.



Place one fist on the other and breathe. Move both fists together in the air in arches and lines. Move them in your front and overhead and at your back. Roll the surface of one fist over another and use your elbows, shoulders and body to move the grid without creating a crest in the tension lines.

Place one fist on the fist of a partner. Have them attempt to tense you up and move your body through that contact. Move your feet, your hips and spine to keep the contact of the partner fist while you move your body and tension on your own without letting the contact affect how you carry yourself.



Place one fist on your partners body. Have them breathe and let the fist slide on them instead of press in by moving just the hips side to side. Continue to doing the same by moving just the shoulders in rolling motion. Continue to doing the same by moving the spine in continuous arches. Move from your breath and most of all, Move by your own volition. Never wait for the drum to be hit.

Place one fist on the partners body. Start to push and turn in order to bend and wedge the partner into a tense and static position. The partner who is getting the fist contact moves with breath and relaxed eye horizon (seeing what is in front of us instead of fixating to the horizon) and most of all: relax both hips and shoulders and the connecting spine so you move everywhere without letting the partner contact pressure you.

Place two fists on the partner body. Move both from the area of the spine between the shoulder blades to create lines of tension in the contact body. Have the partner release the contact movement downward and sideways by allowing the body to move as before and letting the pressure go back to the partner by moving your own body and no attempt to control anything besides yourself.

Breathing is a bridge

Once you can feel yourself breathing, you can open your sphere to connecting to others on the basic level. This applies to bodywork, to martial art and simply being aware.


Place your open hand on your partner and feel them breathing. It is easy on the chest area and more challenging in the limbs 🙂

Move with your partners breath to release their tension or to bring them to a stuck area they pay less attention to.

Place your mass on your partner (hand, fist, foot…) and sink in with relaxation as they exhale. Move deeper and deeper to allow relaxation in the contact and understanding in yourself.

Be static (standing, sitting) a step away from your partner and listen and look for their breath.

Walk with your partner and notice their breathing constantly.

Stand a step away from your partner and aim to make contact with them in between the inhale and the exhale. Have them move while on the edges of the pendulum.

Lie on the ground and roll over each other. Aim to be over your partners body and use the breath as a wave to ride over any obstacle.

Your breath is the key. It is not the only key.