To know fear

One of the stages of getting to know yourself is to know your own fear. Fear will control you if you turn a blind eye to it’s affects on your psyche and body so we will aim to bring our awareness to this as well. One of the ways to learn the fear response is… Read More To know fear

Controlling time

A clock ticks each second or hums with electricity going through a quartz crystal. We thankfully operate on a different dynamic scale where we can change our perception of time and even act according to our perceptions. Start in a comfortable position and your eyes closed to lower your intake of the outside world.  Count… Read More Controlling time

Realizing we are afraid in the body and in the mind and having the humility to admit it to ourselves and to others gives us the power to release it and reach mastery. Don’t ignore the tension and the fear. Make it your own and control it. Than there will be less of it.
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