Ice is a healer – a month of cold immersion

The only true commodity you have in your life is your time.

One of the best and easiest ways to protect and enhance your time on earth is to go towards the cold with open arms and a bare chest.

In one month,

One can

  1. Increase their control of themselves
  2. Develop a healthier body and mind
  3. Learn to enjoy doing “hard” things
  4. Learn better breathing patterns which affect everything

Start by taking a cold shower once a day. Open the water on COLD at full strength and walk in and stand there for just one minute.

There is a bit of a shock from the cold so focus on breathing the tension out by exhaling more than inhaling and mind how deep you breathe to avoid getting in more than you want at the moment.

Increase the time after a few days to two minutes and establish a breath tempo that allows your body and especially the muscles around the lungs to move and feel relaxed.

Increase again and again until you reach ten minutes a day and add the focuses as the minute count increases.

  1. 1 minute – Once entering the cold – focus on exhaling the tension from the change in temperature. Avoid inhaling more than you need.
  2. 2 minutes -Focus on letting a calm tempo of breath emerge once the shock is past. mind how the breath affects your torso tension.
  3. 3 minutes – Focus on inhaling and direct the power of the breath to your upper back and the heat generation there.
  4. 4 minutes -Focus on letting your heart beats and breath sync in tempo.
  5. 5 minutes -Focus on spreading your awareness to your toes and fingers.
  6. 6 minutes – Focus on feeling the amount of air you take in and how this increases and decreases the pressure in your lungs.
  7. 7 minutes -Focus on spreading your awareness to your arms and legs and the feeling of blood flow in them. The blood moves the heat the body generates and directs it.
  8. 8 minutes -Focus on your hips and shoulders and place them so the blood can flow better and your inner heat will maintain what is needed with only the energy required.
  9. 9 minutes -Focus on moving your limbs with the breath as tempo and letting the breath channel through the entire body.
  10. 10 minutes – Focus on moving on your feet in tempo with your breath and remaining calm and relaxed.

The added benefits of this cold protocol are (higher water bill non standing) better metabolism and immune system, better heat generation and awareness using breath and body awareness and greater calm due to taking yourself on and removing the excess.

Stay chill 🙂

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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