Healing breath

Meditation is good for you. So is getting something to eat once in a while. In order to incorporate the two, we must find a path which gives us the benefits of both while allowing us to keep going through our day.

  1. Tense and relax (neural layers of actuation if you like big words) – I spend a few hours a week in vehicles. I can make use of the time when driving or driven to further my awareness to the network of tension in my body. Through becoming more aware of myself I allow the body to rid itself of excess and flow better inward and outward. Start by tensing a part of you on the inhale which is a tensing of a muscle in itself. Release within the exhale and repeat until you cover the entire body. Next time repeat the work using smaller body parts until you reach an end, Later on you will find deeper and deeper ways to release what keeps you from your optimum.
  2. Pulse – Your heart is working. Your awareness of it is lacking.  Start at the skin depth and feel your pulse around your heart and further on until you cover your surface. Go deeper and feel your pulse in your stomach and in your muscles. Feel it in your head and see your pulse in your eyes. When you have such awareness, your movement and health will bloom further.
  3. Fear – Do you know your own fear ? Do you have some dark figure at the back of the head, whispering as you tire ? Breathe in and hold onto it. Count your heartbeats and note them getting swifter. Feel the tension in your body build and your pulse through the body (I built to that in the previous points as you can see 🙂 ) Exhale as you reach your current end and repeat the process in the reverse (exhaling and holding) once your pulse and tension releases.


Simple is not easy.

Deep is not twisted.

Keep your mind free of the troubles of the moment. It has past. Keep your mind in pursuit of or the knowledge of now.


Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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