Stand up with your feet under you. Press your hands together from the shoulders Press your legs toward each other from the hips Squat in this fashion: Down – 1 inhale Up – 1 exhale Down – one full breath Up – one full breath Down – 2 full breaths Up 2 full breaths Down… Read More FULL TENSION WORK

Controlling time

A clock ticks each second or hums with electricity going through a quartz crystal. We thankfully operate on a different dynamic scale where we can change our perception of time and even act according to our perceptions. Start in a comfortable position and your eyes closed to lower your intake of the outside world.  Count… Read More Controlling time

I came back from the army yesterday and I have a lot more new drills to share. One of the most basic and more giving is to simply stand with your legs under your hips and lower your upper body upright a few centimeters down while maintaining a relaxed and free feeling in the hips… Read More