four breath drills to thrive each day

Here are four drills to use throughout your day. They come to make your systems work better with one another and offer smoother sailing without extra energy involved.

  1. When you intend to speed things up or expect the need to move under pressure (running up the stairs or facing an enemy in the ditches), Increase the tempo (not depth) of your breathing and your heart, temperature and the processes that secrete mood and energy changers (endorphins for example) act accordingly. This drill will let your body change gears in sync and if you pay attention to your breath and note when your breath speeds up you will know your body is telling you something.
  2. When you consider the environment or your inner world hard pressed, Decrease the depth of your breaths and tempo. This will help you avoid hyper ventilation and guide your heart, temperature and glands to ease the pressure and help release without pain the tension that was accumulated in the body in posture, blood pressure and poisons galore. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use counting for the length of the breath and awareness to the area beneath the lungs for the depth of the breath. As long as we are a closed system, each one affects the other and the more we inhale, the more our abdomen and lower back are pressured.
  3. When you need to perform a delicate labor such as heart surgery or proposing, attune your breath to your pulse. This is easily done by pacing your breath by your heart beat and if you cannot feel it, place a finger on a surface artery such as the side of the neck or on the heart itself. This helps in placing yourself more within yourself and making each action more in tune and more thought your own.
  4. Once a day or before a large undertaking, pace and breath in the square breathing method. This means you inhale for one step, Hold for one step, Exhale for one step and hold again for the same. You can increase the count to two or more steps per phase of breath and this will allow you to maintain yourself within a rough wave.

Adjust with the waves and let go of the current. be your own man.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)