Notes from Class: Letting yourself in

Boom Boom Boom is what we expect from a fight scene in a movie or even a knife fight. There is a reason historical swords and harness (plate and shield) are lighter than what we use today. In a fight it is about letting yourself in without letting yourself get hammered.

Begin with giving permission to be touched. We must be aware of the fear and flinch in order to ride this wave and use it to our advantage.

  1. Place a finger on your partners head and push. Have them collapse their structure from their knees and pay attention to how they do it. Make sure to have them collapse in different direction and from both legs and not just one preferred modus operandi. Make sure they allow their bodies to move instead of falling like a log.
  2. Place the blade of the hand on the neck of your partner and push down and up and side to side. Have them collapse while keeping their horizon (eye focus and internal horizon) free to move while in contact. Maintain as before the focus to help your partner be free from being a follower. Make choices on the go.
  3. Hold onto your partner using two points of contact. Have them tense the entire body against the hold to feel the coil of tension and on the second breath release the coil and move the body in semi collapse toward the partner. Move within the movement of the hold and bring the partner down using just movement. Consider you have 76 more people attacking you so do not waste your energy.

Continue with giving yourself permission to keep moving.

  1. Breathe and move your hips in a pattern. Have your partner engage you and focus on letting each movement come from this preexisting movement. You are always in continuous if you are aware that you are alive, breathing and moving.
  2. Repeat the work, only now move your shoulders in a pattern.
  3. Repeat the work, only now move your head in a pattern.

Enjoy the melee. Join in combat with a clean mind and an open heart. You will not always win but you may learn.

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Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)