A man who marched for an internal eternity is different than the man who have yet to embark on one.

You cannot prepare for life although many books say otherwise but you can prepare yourself for yourself. Confused ? Just wait.

I cannot prepare a student for everything as a teacher. I have no key that opens all doors nor does anyone else I know. What I can do with them is engage in learning what they actually do and what is natural for them. Through play we learn ourselves and learn to deal the cards without filters and misconceptions.


Take away the idea of what you want and find what you need.

Release the tension your body and mind hold onto due to our interpretation of trauma.

Take away the moves and responses you rely on so you actually live instead of hiding behind a mask.

Remove the blocks from your life by acknowledging your paradigms and how they restrict our actions and thoughts. What are you stopping yourself from doing?

Take a look at your stuff, your bag, your home, your knowledge. Let go of what is keeping you down. Become streamlined for what matters to you.

Weekly Exercise:

Take one aspect of your life and find what is missing, find what is in excess, find what is pointless.

Strip it from what is not needed and make room for growing into your own skin.

My suggestion: choose a repetitive movement for starters such as climbing the stairs or going to work and make it better. 10 minutes spend planning and tweaking can result in days of free time overall.

Movement questions to ask:

Do this for ten of your movement patterns and your movement life will be altered for the better…

  1. Do I hold my breath before starting?
  2. Do I bend as I start the motion (hips, spine, elsewhere)?
  3. Do I collapse into a position or do I control my movement?
  4. Do I force myself into a linier path of movement?
  5. Do I tense/brace as I apply force beyond what is needed?
  6. Do I allow my eyes to fixate to the horizon?
  7. Do I forget to use my entire body and freeze parts of myself as the rest compensates?
  8. Do I move more than is needed to complete the task?

Enjoy 🙂



Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)