3 Breath awareness drills to dive inside with

Being attune and in the moment is simple but not easy. Here are three games to play to increase your natural tuning to what others and you are doing.

  1. Close your eyes and touch your partner in the chest. Count their breaths to ten and push on the ten. Verify that you counted well and move to a more obscure location for this count such as the back and then the limbs and head. This will extend your awareness to breath contact affect we have on each other and the partner being counted can work and move to obscure their breath by tension, movement and changing pace. Lo tech work but highly beneficial for any encounter later on as you are in tune with the breath tempo, depth and alignment of the contact.
  2. Open your eyes and view your partner from the front. Repeat the breath count work from a step away and as you make your way, one step at a time away from your partner, become more and more in tune with the slight movement and tempo of their life. Again, this will serve you well in the times ahead. Repeat the game from the side of the partner and then from the back. Wear different clothes and use whatever is there for your enjoyment and progress into yourself.
  3. Walk in nature ( a garden will do if you are in a city) and count your breaths per steps. Start with one breath phase (inhale, exhale, rest) for each step and go up in your count the moment you feel comfortable in the current count. Go as high as you can and climb down in the same manner. Join a partner in doing this and feel each change in breath phase as they make it without verbal or visible cues to mirror their breath so you can be in tune by choice.  Make sure you also work to keep your tempo and depth free from auto mirroring as it produces a temptation all by itself. Be a social creature but be free first.

Breath work is a primal key. Use it to increase whatever else you do.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)