Quality movement

Patterns of movement are everywhere. Do this and get the outcome you want.

We get this everywhere but what stands behind the Kata and drills ?

Focus on the full body motion and freedom that lies behind the pattern.

Step one: Move as one piece

Step two: Move yourself instead of pushing and pulling


Your mind governs your body to an extent. Give it a goal but do not limit how to get there to one route. Freedom lies in letting yourself see things as they are.

Breath meditation – The long sixty

Place your body in the push up position on your fists. Keep your torso aligned and breathe.

Count sixty breaths as slowly as your body allows. Feel each phase of breathing and only move on when the need arises.

Let your pulse come into your awareness all over the body.

Let the tension leave naturally on the exhale.

Let your body find its own tempo for that moment.

Keep yourself within yourself.

Let everything else move and move with it.


Can five minutes be more than an hour ?

Can five minutes be more than an hour ? My answer is YES. It is the quality of the moment that matters.

Consider your life and see what moments of Aha come to mind. What moments of joy and pain stay with you and you will see that a single moment of clarity is better than hours and days and months of gray toned work.

I am all for giving yourself to your joy but make good use of your time and invest in quality moments in your learning. Do one super slow hitting movement with one arm noting all the excess tension and movement we all do and letting some of it clean out on it’s own. Do one long exhale till the end and find new freedom and calm within you.

Broaden your own spectrum by investing in quality.