Take a regular broomstick or a regular staff and place one end on a desk at your hip level or on a chair in a way that it doesn’t move too much. Place the other end on your shoulder and through movement from the hip (take a step with your whole body and avoid getting stuck in your steps) move it from shoulder to shoulder. Make sure you still see as much as you can around you and avoid looking down as a way of letting things slide off you. Next slide the stick to your elbow pocket and go from elbow to neck to the other side without stop a few times. Move to the wrist and keep the hand and fingers relaxed and at the best position for you to keep the stick at each second (note that very small movement in the angle of the wrist and the rest can result in great changes in the end. for example if you want to escape a hand holding your wrist start by making it uncomfortable for the hand to keep holding by changing the angle of the wrist by moving the elbow under or to the side of the hand and so on)
Once you do this do the same drill facing away from the chair or whatever is holding the other end of the stick.

Now place one end of the stick in the corner of a wall or in a small whole in the ground and place the other end at the pocket between your thigh and the hip. Move it from side to side and than move it to the thigh itself. Move it again from side to side keeping your breathing smooth and your eyes relaxed and than move to the ankles. Again watch the small changes in the angles and tension you can use to move this imbalance around and repeat this drill facing away from the wall/whole.

Work with your eyes closed, it helps from time to time.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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