Developing relaxed heavy hands

Start by placing a very loose fist in the other hand and relaxing the arm completely. Now Throw the fist up and let it relax and fall with a sound into your open hand. Do this many times and notice your alignment according to your mass devision (are you bending forward because your hands are tensed and pulling you) and relax it.
Now take a small stick like a non sharp pencil or a closed metal pen and place it at the inner side of the elbow. Relax the arm and do not look at it and lift it using the pencil and let it hang with relaxation. This can and will hurt because we naturally tense up against the existing tension in the arms so do this using breathing to take out some of this tension and don’t forget to smile from time to time.
Now return to the first drill and note changes to yourself. Remember that you can feel the arm so don’t look down at it and cause the shoulders and neck to tense up.
Now do the same drill using the pencil in the inner side of the wrist and work very slowly to pick up and learn to increase and decrease the tension. This is good to become aware and to control the tension and alignment in the wrist and to further your wrist and forearm density

One hour of honest work is worth many in the library reading without understanding how to do the work.

Add to this part this drill: Raise your forearm and align the wrist. Now use the other hand to pull one of the fingers up or to any side and relax the shoulder so it acts like a pivot spring. Do this a few times till you feel the movement is smooth and relaxed and than do this with the hand in the loose fist form.

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