A few drills with the stick to make the body move as one and to learn to move under tension of structure:

1. Take a strong stick and place one end on the floor. now place some of your mass on the stick and use your hands to go up and down first facing down and than facing upward. Note that movement that follows breath will succeed more and is less tasking and that movement that start from your body will work better. For example if you are down and looking up with the stick in both hands and you want to push yourself up, try just using your hands and try starting the movement in the body (hips and shoulders) and note to yourself what is easier and what will keep you doing this longer (as a measure of work under tension you need to consider a lack of air, sleep, conditioning of muscles and so on)

2. Stand and place the stick at the back of the neck supported with your wrists behind you. Now go down softly to a sitting position. Lie down and get up with a straigt back and stand up again not using your hands or your knees on the ground. Not all the time you are working on smooth clean floors so find a way to get on your feet literally. hint: Move as one unit with everything playing their part and breath to help yourself move in the desired direction. Remember a direction has no end and no limit in mind and in action. (do the same drill with the stick resting against your back and locked by your elbow pits)

3. Do the same as in number 2 but place the stick in the back position and when you lie down, roll backwards while minding your spine and placing soft on hard and vice verca and here again breathing is key.

4. Place the stick with one end on the ground behind you and loop your palms around it. Squat up and down without pressing on the stick or moving it to learn to move more aligned and to use the hands to guide without getting stuck.

Inspired by the seminar given by Mikhail and friends in Moscow and by the DVD by Vladimir Vasiliev.

Smile, it helps.

Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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