For Jérôme Solo Drills.

1. Start in one of the positions of the four basics: push up, sitting, flat on the ground, standing or squatting and in this position tense and relax each part in turn choosing to start either within the inhale or the exhale.
2. Do 30 of each of the four basics and in every 10 tense up a different part and learn how this effects you.
3. Spend 5 minutes in the static push up and whenever you feel tension starting to creep shake it out and use puff breathing to send it out. Note the relaxation in your arms afterwards.
4. Take a tennis ball and throw it at the wall and catch it. Use different distances and heights, close one eye and check your field of vision and do this on the move. One important note is to move away from the path of the returning ball so your arms are free to work. (5 minutes)
5. Take a stick and hold it in both hands and roll around on the ground using different grips and widths. Note what you can see and where you get stuck and continue to change your direction all the time and to breathe through the stuck points so you learn to find solutions on the go and to look around and avoid being stuck in one direction naturally. (10 minutes)
6. Take the stick and as you tense up (wrists aligned) holding it sit down and get up 30 times without using your hands and relaxing your torso and shoulders so you can lead tension to your fists and keep your breath and eyes free at all heights.
7. Close your eyes and slowly and carefully roll 20 times forward and 20 times backwards noting to avoid rolling on the spine and to breathe continuously.
8. Take a practice knife and push the blade or tip into your body and move your body to flatten it on the body. Do this every time in different positions such as sitting down, against a wall, in a chair etcetera so you learn to move your body relaxed. Remember not to push the knife and to start by using a part of you that is not effected by the knife. This way you learn to spread yourself in your body and to keep free.
9. Stand on one leg and close both eyes. Slowly swing the arms to clap in the front and than in the back and sway your leg naturally to balance yourself out. Lift your self on your toes and relax and free your eyes evern though they are closed. Next balance yourself on your heel and slowly start turning your head to “look” in different direction and start to clean the body of excess movement. (5 minutes and you change legs every 60 breaths, yes you need to count to keep the head in the game)
10. Spend some time in nature at least once a week and look to see how one thing affects another. For example how a shade of a tree will promote dampness in this part of the grass during the evening because it was not touched by the sun.

In one month write to me again and we will review together.
Ask questions and remember we are all learning what we need at that time.

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