Start by laying on the ground with your limbs to the sides and simply breathing and relaxing on the ground. Let every part in turn press to the ground and rise from it and note how this affect the rest of you. Now do the same drill using two parts at a time and you will enjoy more freedom of movement from this.

Have a partner walk to you and walk through you using his feet a few times from all directions and do the same for him. Have your partner roll over your body without standing and than rolling but all in one sequence and avoid holding your breath. The contact will come. Look to being able to prolong any breath phase to stay comfortable and to shift the pressure within using tension selection in your various awareness locations.

Have your partner stand next to you and you move without sitting up to find ways to move and direct him using all parts of you and yes using your head as well (biting his shoes can lead to some strange looks and a case of bad breath 🙂 Next have your partner walk through you and you move to stay comfortable and in a way you can always keep moving. Avoid getting into uncomfortable positions. Next have him come to you and you while both in movement redirect his movement paying attention to his sight and spine direction. Keep breathing and avoid fixating yourself to the ground in a push. Feel where the door is already open for this type of work.

Next lie down face up and than face down and have your partner hit you from all direction using his limbs and body. Keep breathing and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Make sure you spread your awareness in your entire body and work on feeling the pulse everywhere.

Have your partner or more than one person attack you while prone and find a way to move so you are not hit. Running, throwing objects, kicking, rolling and so on. Choose to fight when you thing it is the right thing to do. Avoid letting others decide for you.


Published by

Sharon Friedman

Student and teacher of movement and Martial art. Husband and Father. I can rebuild you, I have the technology :)

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  1. Thanks Sharon –
    so often we think of parts of the body like the head as basically a target- something to be taken out of the line of attack at best…

    It’s nice to be reminded that the whole body needs to be instrumentalised – made useful, not only weaponised…


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